Directions:  Solve each problem below by writing an equation that matches the situation.  Then solve your equation to find the solution to the problem.


1)      A total of 41 people attended Tamya’s birthday party.  Tamya’s brother invited some of the guests.  If Tamya invited 19 more people than her brother, how many guests did each person invite?

                                                                                     TAMYA = __________          BROTHER = __________


2)      Kelly is 8 years younger than her sister.  The sum of their ages is 44 years.  How old is Kelly and how old is her sister? 

                                                                                     KELLY = __________                 SISTER = __________


3)      Cordell took the train to visit his grandmother.  He spent 75 minutes on the train round-trip. It took him 25 minutes longer to get there than to return home.  How long was the trip there and how long was the trip home?

                                                                                     THERE = __________                    BACK = __________


4)      Cuharra studied Monday and Tuesday for her math test.  She spent a total of 120 minutes studying.  She spent an extra 15 minutes studying on Tuesday.  How long did she study for on Monday and on Tuesday.   

                                                                                     MON. = __________                       TUES. = __________


5)      Tyreek earned a total of $900 in 2 months at his summer job.  He made $44.50 less in the second month than in the first month.  How much did he make in the first month and in the second month?

                                                                                      1st MONTH = __________  2nd MONTH = __________


6)      Kyle has an indoor basketball court.  The rectangular court has a perimeter of 100 feet.  The length of the court is 14 feet longer than the width.  Find the length and width of the court.                                            

                                                                                      LENGTH = __________             WIDTH = __________


7)      Ontario ate a jumbo pizza slice with a perimeter of 100 cm.  The two shortest sides of the triangle were equal lengths and the longest side was 10 cm longer than either side.  How long was each side of the slice?

                                                                                      SHORTEST = __________     LONGEST= __________


8)       Jamel and his sister received a total of $150 for their birthday.  If Jamel received $20 less than his sister, how much did each person receive for their birthday?

                                                                                      JAMEL = __________                 SISTER = __________


9)      For basketball tryouts, Kiana ran two laps in a total of 27.5 seconds.  In the second lap, she beat her first lap by 3 seconds.  How long did it take Kiana to run the first lap?  How long to run the second lap? 

                                                                                      FIRST = __________                  SECOND =__________


10)  Sharai planted a rectangular garden with a perimeter of 100 feet. The length of the garden is 10 feet shorter than the width.  Find the length and width of the garden. 

                                                                                         LENGTH = __________              WIDTH = __________