CALCULATING UNIT RATES #3_KEY


Directions:  For each problem below, set up a proportion to represent the situation. Then solve the proportion to


find the unit rate.

Example:  Malcolm scored 80 points in two games.  How many points per game did he score?     


1)       Travis scored 780 points in 30 games.  How many points per game did he score?

       Proportion:                                                                Solution: 26 points/game


2)      Emma earned $456 in 38 hours.  How much did she earn per hour?

       Proportion:                                                                Solution: 12 dollars/hour


3)      Jacob drove 66 laps in 33 minutes.  How many laps per minute did he run?

       Proportion:                                                             Solution: 2 laps/minute


4)      Madison flew 1,899 miles in 211 minutes.  How many miles per minute did she fly?

       Proportion:                                                           Solution: 9 miles/minute


5)      The temperature dropped 36 degrees in 4 days.  How many degrees per day did the temperature drop?

       Proportion:                                                                  Solution: 9 degrees/day


6)      Sophia read 143 books in 13 months.  How many books per month did she read?

       Proportion:                                                               Solution: 11 books/month


7)      Nicholas filled his 252 gallon pool with water in 4 hours.  How many gallons per hour did he use?

       Proportion:                                                               Solution: 63 gallons/hour


8)      Olivia drove 1,136 miles in 16 hours.  What was her speed in miles per hour?

       Proportion:                                                                Solution: 71 miles/hour


9)      Matthew made 589 calls in 31 days.  What is the average number of calls he made in a day?

       Proportion:                                                                     Solution: 19 calls/day


10)  Hannah’s plane climbed 3,975 feet in 75 seconds.  How fast did her plane climb every second?

       Proportion:                                                             Solution: 53 feet/second