WORD PROBLEMS--RATES #2-KEY


Directions:  Find the rate in each problem below.  There are several ways to solve rate problems.  The simplest

strategy is to simply divide the data.  The key is to divide the data in the correct order.  If the question asks

you to find the miles/hour, then you should find the quotient of the miles divided by the hours, not the hours

divided by the miles.


It took Lucy 5 minutes to eat 2.5 sandwiches.  How many sandwiches did                         1) 0.5 sand/m   

    she eat per minute?


Marie ran 782.4 meters in 12 minutes.  How many meters/minute did she run?                   2) 65.2 m/m   



John paid $6.75 for 3 pounds of apples.  How much did he pay per pound?                         3) $2.25/lb.        



Anna flew 761.6 miles in 112 minutes.  How many miles per minute did she fly?               4) 6.8 m/m        



In 3 days, the temperature dropped 13.5 degrees.  How many degrees per day did the         5) 4.5 deg/day

temperature drop?       


Ava read 84.5 books in 13 months.  How many books per month did she read?                   6) 6.5 bks/m        



Connor filled his 91.2 gallon pool with water in 8 hours.  How many gallons per hour        7) 11.4 gal/h     

did he use?


Addison drove 260.8 miles in 8 hours.  What was her speed in miles per hour?                    8) 32.6 mph      



Jackson graded 34.5 tests in 6 hours.  How many tests per hour did he grade?                      9) 5.75 tests/h   



Hailey’s plane climbed 1,292.8 feet in 64 seconds.  How fast did her plane climb              10) 20.2 ft/sec   

 every second?


It took Jacob 21 hours to drive 477.75 laps.  How many laps per hour did he run?             11) 22.75 laps/h   



Sophia earned $39.75 in 3 hours.  How many dollars did she earn per hour?                       12) $13.25/hour  



Aiden bought 12.5 ounces of chocolate for $4.  What was the price per ounce?                  13) $0.32/oz