Directions:  Theoretical probability describes how likely it is that an event will happen.  Use the probability chart below to decide whether each event below is impossible, unlikely, equally likely, likely, or certain to happen. 


                              0                            ¼                            ½                            ¾                            1


                         Impossible               unlikely                  equally                   likely                      certain



Example:  A two sided coin is flipped and lands on tails.                                            ½ --Equally likely




EVENT                                                                                                                              PROBABILITY


1)  A two-sided coin is flipped and lands on heads.                                                        __________________


2)  Roll a die and get a number greater than six.                                                             __________________


3)  Spin a spinner numbered 1-8, and you land on a number less than 3.                       __________________                          


4)  You will watch at least 1 hour of TV today.                                                              __________________


5)  Pick a blue marble from an equal number of blue, yellow, red, and green marbles. __________________


6)  You will have fish for dinner tonight.                                                                        __________________


7)  Pick an ace from a regular deck of cards.                                                                  __________________


8)  Pick a red card from a regular deck of cards.                                                             __________________   


9)  Your class will go on a field trip this year.                                                                __________________


10)  Roll a die and get an even number.                                                                          __________________


11)  Roll a die and get a number that is a factor of 30                                                    __________________


12)  It will snow in your town tonight.                                                                            __________________


13)  Your birthday will fall on a Friday this year.                                                           __________________


14)  Pick a purple marble out of a bag of red marbles.                                                    __________________


15)  Picking a vowel from the letters in your school’s name.                                         ­__________________