Auto-Generated Two-Step Equations Worksheets

Why waste time making two-step equation worksheets by hand when you can have a computer auto-generate them with just a few clicks? Choose the operations that you want represented. Chose whether you want to allow negative numbers for answers. Chose whether you want decimals or round numbers for answers. It's your choice! Oh, a quick word of warning. If you select to allow decimals for answers, they are rounded up to the nearest thousandth on the answer keys. No more stale old worksheets! Print a fresh one everyday. Print ten fresh ones everyday. These two-step equations worksheets are quickly and easily generated. Print them from your browser window, save them as a PDF to your computer, or email them to the address of your choosing directly from this page.

Addition and Multiplication
Subtraction and Multiplication
Addition and Division
Subtraction and Division
Random Mix


Only Positive Answers
Include Negative Answers

Only Whole Numbers
Allow For Decimals

Show the Problem Numbers
Do Not Show the Problem Numbers

Include Answer Key
Do Not Include Answer Key


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