Areas of Triangles Worksheets

Here at, we provide students and teachers with plenty of free area worksheets that can be incorporated both inside and outside of the classroom.  This particular set of area worksheets focuses on calculating the area of a circle.   In this series, you or your students will use a formula to calculate the area of a triangle by multiplying the base times the height, and then cutting that product in half.

Each of our worksheets comes with an accurate, easy-to-use answer key so that either teachers or students can check the assignment.  Each set of problems is also easily customized so that you change the difficulty level of the problems by adding decimals or fractions.

By the time your class has completed this extensive series, they will undoubtedly be experts at finding the area of a triangle.

Areas of Triangles Worksheet 1 – Here is a nine problem worksheet that will allow your students to practice calculating the area of a triangle.  Each exercise provides a drawing of the triangle as well as the length of its base and height..  These problems focus on single digit measurements so that you can easily practice using the formula.
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