Number Sense Worksheets

In order to function in today’s society, we need a highly developed understanding of Number Sense.  We must be adept at dealing with all types of numbers: integers, fractions, decimals, rational/irrational numbers, absolute values, etc.  Common Core standards require our students to make computations of such values both with and without calculators, and using various algorithms.  We also must be able to utilize our number sense in all fields of mathematics, especially algebra and geometry.

On this page, you will find a variety of free Number Sense Worksheets that will help you or your students develop a better understanding of numbers in all forms.  These math worksheets will help you develop a variety of algorithms, or formulas, to make calculations quickly and effectively.  All of the worksheets come with answer keys, and most of the worksheets have step-by-step examples to familiarize you with each concept. I’ll be adding new free worksheets periodically.  Let me know what you  think!

Absolute Value Worksheets
Decimal Worksheets
Fraction Worksheets
Order of Operations Worksheets
Percent Worksheets
Ratio & Proportions Worksheets
Square Root Worksheets

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