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Are you  looking for free worksheets to give you or your students more practice with division? Look no further!  Here is a great selection of free math worksheets to help you reinforce learning.  These worksheets are available in a variety of formats and the answer keys are underneath.  Feel free to copy or modify these worksheets for your classroom use.

The free math worksheets below will help your children become division experts.  Starting with dividing single digits into double digits, your students will work their way up through more complicated problems featuring additional digits as well as exercises that feature remainders and mixed numbers.


Division,a branch of arithmetic, is one of our oldest forms of mathematics.  Some claim that the idea of dividing numbers has been around since 10,000 B.C.  I’ll let you do some math on your own to figure how long it’s been around!  Division is generally viewed as the opposite of multiplication, where one number, called the dividend is divided by another number, referred to as the divisor, to come up with a quotient.  For example, in the problem “30 students are divided into 5 rows, ho many students are in each row?”, 30 total students is the dividend, 5 rows is the divisor, and or course, 6 students per row is the dividend.

Unlike multiplication, division is not associative, meaning that “12 divided by 3” will not result in the same quotient as “3 divided by 12.”  Nor is division associative.  In other words, grouping the same numbers in different ways by using parentheses and brackets, will not always result in the same quotient.  One interesting aspect of division is that ,while zero divided by any number will always be zero, reversing the process and dividing any number by zero will result in an unquantifiable answer.

The introduction of division in education usually begins in the second or third grade, with students actually dividing objects into different groups.  Students may be asked to divide 12 slices of pizza equally among 4 different people.  Around the 4th grade, students are introduced to the long division algorithm.  This strategy requires students to continually divide the divisor into the left-most place values of the dividend, while subtracting the difference between the values, until a remainder of zero is reached.  It is a difficult algorithm to learn, and requires much practice, as well an acute awareness of one’s times tables.

Like most basic math skills, the ability to divide is simply a requirement in the modern world.  From playing games to budgeting for a family, it is definitely a skill that students must master.

Double-Digit Division Worksheet (No Remainders) – Here is a sixteen problem worksheet featuring simple double-digit division problems with no remainders.
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