Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication Worksheets

Are you looking for free multiplication worksheets to give you or your students additional practice with multiplication? We have a wonderful assortment of multiplication worksheets to give your students plenty of practice. Check these out!

The free math worksheets below will help your children become multiplication experts.  Starting with single-digit multiplication, your students will work their way up through more complicated problems that feature additional digits and introduce the idea of zero as placeholder.  Each free math worksheet contains detailed examples that will encourage your child to master the art of multiplication.


The idea of multiplication, a branch of arithmetic, dates back over 20,000 years.  Some archaeologists believe that a tribe of ancient people in the Central African landmass, using a sharp piece of quartz as an engraving tool, grouped numbers and performed their calculations on the bone of a baboon!  Fortunately today, pencil and paper (or calculators, if you will) make our multiplication efforts much simpler.

Multiplication involves taking two or more numbers, known as the multiplicands, are multiplied to find a product.  In the example, eight times four equals thirty two, eight and four serve as the multiplicands, and thirty two is the resulting product.

Similar to addition, multiplication is both commutative and associative.  Multiplication is commutative because multiplicands can be placed in any order and the product will remain the same.  Eight times four will yield the same answer as four times eight.  Multiplication is associative because the multiplicands can be grouped in any way using parentheses and brackets, yet still give the same product.

Formal multiplication typically begins in the second grade, usually by comparing multiplication to repeated addition. 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 can be solved by multiplying 4 x 8.  Although many different multiplication algorithms have been incorporated throughout history, there are two relatively efficient algorithms that form the basis of American education.  The first is a traditional vertical algorithm, where the multiplicands are lined up vertically and aligned by place value.  Starting with the lowest place value in bottom multiplicand, each successive place value is multiplied times the entire upper multiplicand.  After placing zeroes in the results to act as place holders, the values are then added up to calculate the product.  Yes, it’s much easier to do than to explain!  The other primary method is lattice multiplication, in which a box or rectangle is used to keep track of the multiplying of place values, after which the values are added up to calculate the product.


Single-Digit Online Multiplication Practice Activity – Save paper and practice multiplication online with the awesome imath worksheet. Click below for free online multiplication practice activity. You can even print results or embed this worksheet on your website.
Online Multiplication Practice Activity | imathworksheet

Single-Digit Online Multiplication Practice Activity 2
Online Multiplication Practice Activity 2 | imathworksheet

Single-Digit Multiplication Worksheet – Here is a twenty problem worksheet featuring simple single-digit multiplication problems.  Single-Digit Multiplication Worksheet RTF
Single-Digit Multiplication Worksheet PDF
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Double-Digit Multiplication Worksheet – This worksheet contains fifteen double-digit multiplication problems.
Double-Digit Multiplication Worksheet RTF
Double-Digit Multiplication Worksheet PDF
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